The Best Neosurf Betting Sites In 2021 [Updated]

Neosurf is a prepaid card based alternative payment method popular in Africa, Europe, and is making waves here in the UK as well. Find out more about how it works, and where Neosurf betting is best available, right here.

A big part of the appeal of Neosurf betting and its prepaid card concept is in its simplicity. Neosurf launched in France in 2004 with the idea of making paying for things online safer, easier and more secure. The gambling industry has a need for highly secure and accessible payment methods, thus Neosurf betting was a perfect match.

To make it absolutely clear, Neosurf is a prepaid card that you can buy in shops and then use on a wide variety of sites for the equivalent value of which you purchased the card. Neosurf betting is simply one such use. They have additional products like a Mastercard app and account, but as our focus here is on Neosurf betting and the prepaid card is most relevant to that, it will be the focus of this article.

Neosurf was created in the era of the pay as you go phone where convenience, low entry costs and casual use was favoured over huge, multiple yearlong contracts. And if you’ve ever used that once industry leading phone payment option, you will pretty much know what to expect. And if you don’t, we’ll go into specific step by step details on that process in the following section in case anyone is unsure about Neosurf.

Unlike some prepaid phone vouchers of the mid-noughties though, there is no significant difference in the value of Neosurf compared to paying through your bank account. Hence why it is popular across several continents, in over 30 countries and tens of thousands of websites, including some of the best bookmakers. If you have a tenner on your Neosurf card, then that holds the same monetary value as any other traditional payment option. And, as we’ve seen through the likes of Paysafecard, the ability to deposit funds by simply going into a shop, paying with cash for a coded voucher and getting that amount without additional costs is a hugely popular concept.

The idea of prepaid vouchers may seem of the era from which this product was launched, but the fundamental principle behind the concept remains as relevant and popular as ever. In fact, with coming up to two decades under their belt, Neosurf appear to still be rising in popularity, availability and in their lofty reputation for the principles of trust and security they initially sought to inspire is ever growing.


How Do I Use Neosurf For Online Gambling?

William Hill Payment method page screenshot

Considering that Neosurf is built on useability, you will not be surprised to learn that it is an incredibly simple process. Important to note too is that there is no real difference between Neosurf betting use and other usage on non-gambling websites.

The only thing that has a practical impact is that Neosurf betting sites may not take the smallest voucher amounts to discourage younger people from attempting to use them. This would, of course, also be backed up by other responsible gaming and age verification policy, but it is an extra step of security which makes it understandable that the minimum amount is a touch higher for Neosurf betting.

Other than that, the process is as simple as 1,2 and 3, and can be replicated anywhere Neosurf is available.


First off, you’ll need a betting sites that accepts Neosurf as a payment option. You can find some of our favourite examples from the top table.


Secondly, you need to find a location that sells Neosurf vouchers, and purchase one. This works like anything else you buy from a shop, no special steps here.


Finally, log onto your betting account, select Neosurf betting as your preferred deposit option and then use the 10-digit code that is on you prepaid vouched in order to receive your funds. They are then there and available to bet with: it really is as simple as that.

In terms of withdrawals, you will need to select another method for cashing out. That’s down to the logistics of a prepaid card, but it is something to be considered. Obviously, any decent Neosurf betting site will also have relevant options for withdrawal.

Where and why is Neosurf most popular?

Something that’s really important to understand when it comes to the availability of Neosurf betting is that although it is available in many corners in the world, it is significantly more popular in some areas than others. Some areas of excellence in this regard includes parts of Africa and Europe, with the likes of France, the country of its origin, and Belgium standing out as being particularly popular areas for Neosurf betting and the cards generally.

This means that if Neosurf betting doesn’t appear that widely available where you live, that does not mean that this is a niche product without a tried and tested reputation: far from it. It is just that it is more broadly popular and available in some areas than others. Importantly, it is becoming more and more commonplace to see Neosurf betting across more international locations wherever you are.


The Advantages of Neosurf

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We’ve decided to break down five key Neosurf betting advantages:

Something we always take into account whenever we are reviewing a site or discussing things like site design, registration, mobile app integration, structure, terms and conditions and so on as part of our reviews and comparisons is that not everyone using a betting site is some kind of computer expert. And you should not be required to be to enjoy everything online betting has to offer. Betting online should be as easily available to someone used to the brick and mortar bookmaker as it is for someone who regularly uses the internet for transactions. Neosurf betting is ideal for this, allowing people to do the actual purchase at a store and then utilise it online using a code in a matter of moments.

To be clear, there are some fees associated with Neosurf generally. For instance, there are inactivity fees of about 2 Euros should you not use the voucher for a month after six months. However, in terms of Neosurf betting, there shouldn’t be much in terms of additional fees. Because this is a deposit option, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but it is something that certainly remains an advantage and we know a lot of people may be concerned about, so we thought we would clarify here. It means, simply, that there is no additional financial barrier separating Neosurf betting from the likes of debit card deposits.

One feature that we’ve not yet touched upon is that your prepaid card can be used multiple times, which is incredibly handy if you don’t want to make multiple trips to the shop. You can load your card up for as much as you want to spend for that month, as an example, and then deposit it as much as you want each time. Of course, this makes the lack of fees especially important as that would make this feature not worth your while. It’s another example of Neosurf really keeping the user experience in mind. This is also great for our following key advantage.

Helps you manage your money

There are many different ways of managing your money, from deposit limits to your own personal betting budget. Perhaps though, there are no better tools for sticking to any kind of budget than a prepaid option like Neosurf. Having to physically go to a store and use real money to purchase the amount you want to bet with means you must preplan how much you intend on spending. And while this could be an inconvenience to some, it’s a fantastic way of ensuring that you never lose track of how much you’re spending. You don’t have the disconnect with your money that internet-based options can suffer from. It’s a simple, practical tool for sticking to budget.

This one is really simple: the more betting sites we can bet on using a payment method, the better. While Neosurf betting might not be as popular as other payment methods in some countries, on an international level, its reach is colossal. We hope to see it expand to be just as impressive in the likes of the United Kingdom as times go by.

What bonuses are available for Neosurf?

As is generally the case, the best UK promotions and beyond available on Neosurf betting sites depends on the individual bookmaker. They decide on their preferred terms and conditions and that includes which payment methods can be utilised in order to access that bonus.

While it is fair to say that Neosurf is not as regularly included as something like debit cards is, they are not as commonly explicitly forbidden as being part of the qualification process as e-wallets usually are. In other words, they stand somewhere in the middle of promotional availability.

Often, Neosurf betting sites do not mention Neosurf in their promotional terms and conditions. They are not advertised like the best promo codes. If this is the case, you may want to check with customer service just to be clear on whether it can be used.

How much is Neosurf?

As mentioned earlier, to an extent, the minimum amount accepted for Neosurf betting does often depend on the individual Neosurf betting sites in question, as some avoid very low minimums for this particular payment option. That said, our research indicates that you shouldn’t have to deposit too much in order to get started, which is important because useability is such a vital selling point for this payment method.

We’d say that we typically found 20 and 500 Euros to be common lower and upper limits, with most being around this amount. The lower limits for Neosurf betting aren’t too much of a problem then, but the upper limit may restrict some high rollers. While this objectively could be considered a flaw, we think in reality those looking for Neosurf betting sites are doing so because they wish to bet in a more casual manner. Again, this plays into smaller bettors also using the option to stick to a budget.



Neosurf vs The Rest

We’ve talked all about Neosurf and which operators might be the perfect Neosurf betting site for you. However, Neosurf betting won’t be perfect for everyone. And that’s absolutely fine because there’s a broad selection of amazing payment alternatives for you to choose from. If you are unsure of whether Neosurf betting will be right for you, check out some alternatives and how they compare.


Paysafecard betting sites are the most obvious comparison point because it works, on a practical level, close to identically to Neosurf. Which one is right for you, as we have discussed when talking about the different Neosurf betting site demographics, will largely depend on where you are betting from and the different availability between the two methods.


One of the things that people really love about Neosurf betting is that the process of buying the prepaid card can be cash based and anonymous. Well, if privacy is a primary concern for you, there is arguably no better options than Bitcoin operators, this payment method also has international availability.

Debit card

The advantages that debit card has over pretty much any other payment option in terms of availability is undeniable. While we can talk about Neosurf betting sites, pretty much every site is a debit card betting site. That said, it doesn’t offer the privacy in the deposit process that Neosurf does, nor is it cash ready, so it all depends on what your priorities are.


There’s a huge selection of e-wallet betting sites out there with similar alternatives, including the likes of Apple Pay and PayPal, to give two more hugely popular examples, so the finest Neteller options are really just an example of a payment genre. And e-wallets have plenty to offer in terms of convenience, especially when it comes to withdrawals, which is something that people who use Neosurf betting often cite as a reason for considering alternatives.

Bank transfer

For bettors who prefer more traditional payments options, other than cheque or actually going into a physical bookmaker, bank transfer is probably one they are more familiar with. Like Neosurf betting, there’s a crossover appeal here that many new options don’t have with an older generation. That said, the deposit process can be more cumbersome than a prepaid card option.


Neosurf Betting FAQs

? What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a prepaid card betting payment method.

❓ Can Neosurf be used for withdrawal?

No, you use another banking option to withdraw funds deposited by Neosurf.

? How widely available is Neosurf?

This payment option is stated to be available in over 30 countries, however, it is more common in some than others.

? Can Neosurf prepaid cards be bought in cash?

Yes, you should be able to buy Neosurf cards for any payment methods generally accepted by that location, including cash.

? What are alternatives to Neosurf?

There are dozens of great payment method alternatives to Neosurf betting. Some particular good options include Skrill, Neteller, Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit Card, Bank Transfer and cryptocurrencies.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

It’s important to remember that Neosurf betting does not exist on an island. It joins a whole cast of great banking options. Whether or not you decide that Neosurf betting sites are right for you, it should still be viewed as part of the overall positive direction that more variety means.

Important too is that Neosurf betting is always there as a backup option on many operators, should you need it in the future. In other words, Neosurf betting isn’t a perfect banking method, nothing is, but by providing more options, Neosurf betting sites are pushing us closer towards a situation where pretty much all betting fans can find a way of banking that is ideal for them and their budget.